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 Juggling Elder Care and Job Demands (3.8)
 Gifts for Father's Day (3.12)
 Aging Well: Top 10 Do's & Don'ts (3.16)
 Employment in an Aging Canada (3.19)
 Aging and Memory: Senior Moments? (3.22)
 Keys to Enjoying Later Life (4.10)
 Geriatric Specialists in Short Supply (4.11)
 Find the Humor (4.12)
 Action for Common Aging Concerns (5.01)
  Aging IS Living (5.12)
 When Aging Parents Won't Accept Your Help (6.3)


 Greatest Generation: Book Review (3.13)
 Sensitive Conversations (3.15)
 Talking to Your Parent's Doctor (3.17)
 Holiday Gifts for Seniors (3.24)
 Senior Women in Intensive Care (4.2) 
Love Myths "For the Ages" (4.3)

 Computers Connecting Seniors (4.7)
 Holiday Visits with Aging Parents (4.15) 
 Long Distance Caregiving (5.02)
 Aging Parents & Sibling Rivalry (5.04)
 Your Life Story - Who Cares? (5.07)


 Power of Attorney & Guardianship (3.5)
 Services For Seniors at a Distance (3.9)
 Home Care for Seniors (3.11)
 Sell the Family Home, Plan from a Distance (3.21)
 Financial Planning: Basics for Boomers (4.6)
 Parents Headed for Trouble? (4.8)
 Help Aging Parents Relocate (4.13)
 Talking to Parents About Finances (4.14)
 Federal Income Benefits for Seniors (5.03)
 Choosing Your Power of Attorney Rep (5.05)
 Advance Care Planning (5.08)
 Options for Senior Moves (5.09)


 Alzheimer Disease: Early Diagnosis (3.1)
 Medication Mis-Steps (3.6)
 Adverse Drug Reactions (3.7)
 Hearing Loss: Take Action! (3.10)
 Male Breast Cancer (3.20) 
Drawbacks of Bed Rest (3.23)
 Be "Stroke-Wise"! (4.4)
 Eating Out...With Diabetes (4.5)
 Older Caregivers Face Extra Risk (5.6)
 Family Helps Rehab after Stroke (5.10)
 How Geriatric Care Managers Help (6.1)
 Norwalk Virus Hits Seniors Hard (6.2)


 Safety for Older Drivers (3.2)
 Safety on Stairs (3.3)
 Heat Stroke (3.14)
 Seniors in the Emergency Room (5.11)


 Exercise for Healthy Hearts (3.4)
 Fitness with Exercise Bands (4.1)
 Helping Frail Seniors Travel (4.9)


Vol. I & II

Table of Contents

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 The Complete Resource for Canadian Families with Aging Parents

Navigating new territory with aging parents?

Worried about changes in their health and

Are you nervous about their living arrangements?

Wondering how to talk about sensitive topics?

When you add
helping elderly parents to the other roles in your busy
life, you could find yourself 
overwhelmed and confused . So much is new and unfamiliar, and making tdecisions that work for everyone can be stressful.  

"Your Aging Parents" is a complete guide
to the knowledge
and resources you and your family need to get beyond coping.

Learn how to survive and even thrive with
these new changes and challenges!

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