Senior-Friendly Transportation

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Many older persons realize that driving safely becomes more challenging and stressful because of age-related changes in vision, hearing, and general flexibility. 

These wise drivers adapt by changing their driving habits. They avoid night driving because of limited vision, and the glare of oncoming headlights. They rely on other transportation when weather is bad, and road conditions are poor.

But sometimes changing driving habits is not enough. Some seniors stop driving altogether - either by choice or by medical decision - and they must rely on others. Often, this means riding with family or friends, but this is not always practical. That’s when using public transit and other providers becomes part of a new lifestyle.

The transition is not always easy, but finding senior-friendly transportation can make a significant difference in their lives. You can help a senior to accept this change by exploring what’s available. Some bus companies may make additional stops to drop a senior near their door. Also, more buses today feature low floors for easy access. Offer to ride with an older person for the first time, then see whether your municipality has a “bus buddy” program.

What are other alternatives and how can you get started?

Municipal Services:

Your local municipal office is your first stop for information on seniors’ transportation. Inquire about special fares, passes and services.

Volunteer Organizations:

Call local seniors clubs and ask about volunteer drivers.

Taxi Companies: 

Some taxi companies provide courteous and helpful door-to-door service. Others are more reluctant to respond to the special needs of seniors. You need to check out their service and reputation.

Innovative Private Services: 

More and more private companies are offering escorted drives for occasions such as medical appointments.


The holiday season is an excellent time to consider transportation vouchers as a gift. It’s a great solution for seniors who have stopped accumulating things and are difficult to buy for. Frugal seniors who are unaccustomed to “luxuries” like taxi rides may find it easier to use this gift rather than to change long-standing habits. And your peace of mind will increase, knowing your family member has access to safe, convenient transportation, particularly during bad weather. 


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