ElderWise Coaching

An ElderWise coach is mature, experienced, and compassionate. An ElderWise coach knows the issues and challenges that affect seniors and their families. An ElderWise coach has first-hand experience and/or formal training in nursing, social work, or other helping disciplines.

1. When can ELDERWISE  Coaching help?

When you and/or your family feel frustrated, overwhelmed or “stuck”, coaching provides clarity, structure, resources, options and an action plan. You get help with urgent situations before they become crises.

Coaching helps when you know important decisions must be made – about health, housing, caregiving, legal or financial matters – but you can’t seem to make headway. We’ll help you learn what you need to do, as well as how to do it most effectively…with and for everyone concerned.

2. Is ELDERWISE Coaching similar to counseling?

The short answer is: “not exactly”. COUNSELING provides relief from emotional or mental health problems, or helps to improve relationships affected by these problems. COACHING is more like an advisory service. However, the coaching process does promote and preserve your mental well-being because it delivers information, insight, support and practical tools.

Coaching guides everyone involved toward the best results. It shows you better ways of managing the tasks at hand, while building and preserving relationships – whether it’s amongst family, private service providers or health care professionals.

Coaching helps everyone move forward, equipped with new knowledge, insight and skills to create “shared solutions” with everyone concerned.  Often, it takes only a single meeting for you to get on track.

3. Who should participate?

Depending on the situation, a single family member, siblings, or adult children and their parents attend the meeting.

4. What results can we expect?

Clients say they leave a coaching meeting with more knowledge and a new understanding of their options. They feel relief, get a new sense of direction, and have an action plan to implement at their own pace, in their own way.

5, How do we get started? 

Coaching is available by phone or personal appointment. To find out whether coaching would be right for you, please contact us by phone or email. We’ll let you know how we can help…or refer you to an appropriate alternate resource. There is no charge, and no obligation, for your preliminary call.

Phone: 403.225.0906
Email: mara AT elderwise DOT ca