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Drinking Problems of the Elderly

Posted by on Sep 16, 2021 in Health Signals | 0 comments

Alcohol misuse or abuse can be dangerous for the elderly and heartbreaking for their families. Is there a senior in your life who:  Drinks and drives?  Drinks too much and falls?  Drinks at a family or public event and causes embarrassment?  Drinks while taking medications?  Drinks and forgets – to turn off the stove or put out the cigarette?  Drinks too much and is told to move out of the seniors’ housing facility? When we first notice a potential drinking problem, it’s tempting to ignore it, minimize it, or find “reasons” to accept it. But once the problem veers toward crisis, the...

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Fitness with Exercise Bands

Posted by on Sep 9, 2021 in Staying Active | 0 comments

Most of us know why exercise should be part of our life: reduced weight, toned muscles, and heart health. But exercise can also help with age-related health concerns including: improved balance and coordination, reduced stress, lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, and even improved mood.  Research shows that resistance exercise can improve functional independence and also reduce the risk of falls. With all those benefits, elderly persons are wise to include an exercise program in their plan for healthy aging. One easy solution is exercise bands. What are they? Originally developed by...

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Seniors in the Emergency Room

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  Each year in Canada, thousands of seniors arrive at a hospital emergency department (ER) - either by ambulance or accompanied by adult children. Many will make more than one visit within the year. About 50% of patients coming to the ER are over 65 years of age. The major reasons that older adults are taken to the ER include: falls; stroke; heart attack; infections; and delirium (acute confusion). For your parent, it may be more a matter of “when” rather than “if” this happens, so being prepared - with the right information and expectations - is...

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Older Caregivers Face Extra Risk

Posted by on Sep 8, 2021 in Caregiving, Health Signals | 0 comments

Expecting to “take it easy” in your senior years? According to 2007 figures from Statistics Canada, at least 675,000 Canadian seniors have had to curtail travel, leisure and personal interests - and have put themselves at risk for physical and emotional problems - because they are providing care to another elderly person. They could be looking after close friends (30%), spouses (23%), neighbours (15%) - even parents (9%).  One third of these seniors are over the age of 75. Fewer than one in five older caregivers gets a break from these responsibilities. Without...

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