This section contains valuable information for mid-life and older adults to address their own health concerns and to understand age-related changes in older adults.

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Seniors with health problems need to take a few precautions when planning a trip. Travel companions can help frail seniors to travel safely to visit family or to take an enjoyable vacation.  The article, Seniors' Travel: How Caregiver Companions Help," written by Classic Caregivers, provides helpful advice.

Stay Healthy

Seniors are living longer and they must take charge of their healthcare. 
The Institute for Healthcare Advancement identified the 10 most common healthcare mistakes seniors make in caring for their health. 
Read 10 Common Mistakes, reprinted with permission from The Kerby News.

Be Prepared

Strokes are a health emergency: early recognition can save a life. Learn this one minute stroke test. (PDF)

"News flash: we aren't getting any younger. And most of us drive cars.
The front row of the Baby Boom is, in fact, cruising in on age 60 this year, and the number of motorists passing that milestone -- some of them with their eyes squinted and their joints aching -- will only keep increasing."
Read The Signs They Are A-Changin'  by Nordahl Flakstad. (Originally published in the PEGG, September, 2006.)

Did you know - "55% of Canadians aged 15-65 lack the literacy skills to follow medication labels."
The ElderWise Info (V3:6) "Medication Mis-Steps" explored the risks of health illiteracy.
Read more about Health Literacy

Be Informed

Hearing loss is not harmless. It can lead to depression, anxiety, and social isolation.
Read more about helping those with hearing impairment and test your knowledge about the care of hearing aids.
Tips for Hearing Impaired


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